PayPal shares growing strongly in 2020

PayPal’s actions during this year are performing particularly well.

Certainly PayPal, listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol PYPL, has somehow benefited from the significant increase in online purchases due to the lockdown, but since 2015 their value has almost constantly increased.

However, the graph clearly reveals how the real boom took place in 2020.

The company was actually founded back in 1998, making it one of the longest-running dot coms on the global fintech scene.

In 2001 it was listed on the stock exchange at 13 dollars per share, but in 2002 it was bought by eBay.

It was not until 2015 that the spin-off took place that the company became completely independent again, and in the first year after the completion of the spin-off the value remained substantially unchanged, with limited amplitude fluctuations. By January 2017 their value had increased very little compared to around $39 in 2015.

The growth of Paypal shares

However, in the course of 2017 there was a first substantial growth that, during the year, brought the price up to over $70, with an increase of over 87% in a single year.

Growth continued in the following years, but with less strength. In fact, 2018 closed at around $85, an increase of around 16%, while 2019 closed at just over $100, with a gain of 27%.

Therefore the three years preceding 2020 all closed in positive, with the price almost tripled.

After the collapse of the financial markets in mid-March 2020, however, the price of PayPal’s shares literally soared.

The 2020 in fact opened at around 110$, with a very contained descent up to 95$ in March, followed by a very fast and consistent spike that brought the price to over 200$ in August.

In other words, it more than doubled in just five months.

Since then, to tell the truth, it has fallen a bit, up to the current $ 185, which however corresponds to a 68% increase compared to the beginning of the year.

This 2020 for Bitcoin Superstar could be the fourth consecutive year of a significant increase in the price of its shares, with a total of +374% from the beginning of 2017 until today.

It should also be said that the company is increasingly a leader in its sector in the West, and that the online payments sector is growing rapidly.

Perhaps it is precisely to maintain this leadership role that it has decided to land in the crypto world, too, after some competitors had already done so profitably.

However, it is curious how, after an initial brief and limited increase in the value of the shares as a result of the announcement of the launch of the crypto currency trading service, a more significant decline has occurred, particularly after the actual launch of the service.