Fed Rate Hike: Will Bitcoin Break?

• The Federal Reserve is deciding on interest rates and the market has experienced volatility as a result.
• Bitcoin may break up or down when the Fed rate hike occurs, depending on how it will affect the market.
• Three authors discuss the potential impact of the Fed rate hike on Bitcoin.

The Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Decision

The Federal Reserve is currently deciding upon an interest rate hike that could have serious implications for the markets. With such uncertainty in play, volatility has been seen throughout various sectors as investors attempt to anticipate what this change might mean.

Impact of Rate Hike On Bitcoin

One area that could be affected by this decision is cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin depends largely on investor confidence, which can be heavily influenced by economic factors like the Fed’s interest rate decision. As such, it is unclear at this time whether a rate hike will lead to an increase or decrease in value for Bitcoin.

Analysis from Experts

Three experts have weighed in with their thoughts on how a potential Fed rate hike might affect Bitcoin: Kyle Calvert, Heather Budrevičienė and Ciaran Lawler all believe that it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen when the decision is announced. They agree that investor sentiment will play a large role in determining whether or not there will be any significant changes in value for Bitcoin after the announcement has been made.

Uncertainty In The Market

Given the uncertain nature of these events, it is difficult to say definitively what effect a potential interest rate hike could have on Bitcoin’s price action. It remains to be seen if investors will perceive this move as positive or negative and subsequently act accordingly when making investment decisions involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Ultimately, only time will tell how investors respond to news regarding possible changes in interest rates and how those reactions may influence Bitcoin’s performance in turn. It is important for those interested in investing in cryptocurrency to stay up-to-date with developments related to both monetary policy and market sentiment so they can make informed decisions about their investments going forward.