Crypto’s First AI Video Stuns CZ: Interview With Its Creator

• Framer was inspired by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to jump into the crypto space four years ago.
• He created a video for an NFT project that opened up the door to its whitelist and allowed him to buy the NFT at a much lower price.
• His latest work involves digital assets and artificial intelligence (AI), creating the first AI video in the crypto space which attracted Changpeng Zhao’s attention.

Crypto’s First AI Video Caused CZ to React

Framer, a former political student recently attracted Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao’s attention by creating an AI documentary video on CZ’s past. He talked to DailyCoin about how he got inspiration from Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), how he created his first ever AI video and what reaction it caused.

Found New Passion Through NFTs

Framer had been familiar with digital currencies since 2017 but fully jumped into the crypto space four years later when NFTs grabbed his attention. He realized there was a way to earn from NFTs by using his creativity without risking any capital, so he sold his e-commerce business and focused on this new passion of his. He then discovered marketplaces like OpenSea where resellers charge higher prices than original creators unless one gets onto a white list. After making a video for „Invisible Friends“ NFT, Framer got access to its whitelist and purchased it at 0.25 ETH instead of 12 ETH after public listing on OpenSea.

Making The First AI Video In Crypto Space

Inspired by this success, Framer started combining his newfound hobby with his passion for crypto and began covering stories on YouTube as well as experimenting with AI-generated art which ultimately led him to create the first ever AI video in crypto space which caught Changpeng Zhao’s eye.

Learning Process

Through this process, Framer learned that marketplaces like OpenSea are often used by resellers who charge higher prices than original creators‘ prices unless one gets onto their whitelist as well as understanding value creation in bull markets environments and why people get attracted towards tokenized pictures so much.

Reaction To His Video

The creative soul was pleasantly surprised when CZ took notice of his work which triggered positive reactions across social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit encouraging him further in this journey of innovation within digital assets and Artificial Intelligence (AI).