Bitcoin again under the threshold of 10000 dollars

Even yesterday Bitcoin prices plunged for a few minutes below the $10,000 threshold. Although the level has been tested several times over the last few days, the bearish attacks so far have not proved to be dangerous.

If during the last few days the falls have been accompanied by important volumes, which confirms the solidity of the sales, the attempts to break the five-digit psychological threshold are not supported by the prevalence of sales, even in the open market.

This condition does not put fear and that if it were to continue it will produce a return of the confidence attracting the purchases.

For the rest of the industry, the day begins in red with over 90% of the major cryptocurrencies in trouble.

Scrolling the ranking from the top of the first capitalized, the few green signs are concentrated among the first 30 altcoins. The best are Binance Coin (BNB) and Ontology (ONT), in 8th and 30th position respectively, up 5% from yesterday morning’s levels.

Followed by UMA, Tron (TRX), Iota (MIOTA) and Huobi Token (HT), all climbing just under 1%.

DeFi data

On the opposite side the most pronounced day drops are from tokens of the DeFi ecosystem that in the last period have turned the spotlight on the various projects. They are SushiSwap (SUSHI), DFI.Money (YFII) and Band Protocol (BAND), all down more than 15% from yesterday’s levels.

The capitalization of fixed tokens on DeFi drops to $8.8 billion, the lowest level since August 22. It shows that if analyzed in detail it continues to confirm that the number of immobilized collateral in decentralized projects is not suffering losses.

On the contrary, with more than 82,380 units the number of tokenized Bitcoins reaches the highest level ever.

WBTC with over $49 million remains the leader among Bitcoin Rush token transformation projects in ERC20 tokens. Although remotely Lightning Network continues to rise in the collection. With approximately 1100 BTC, equivalent to $10.8 million in USD at current prices, the Bitcoin Network’s Layer 2 protocol is one step closer to the historical record set in May 2019 just over 1100 BTC tied up.

Total market capitalization is consolidating above $320 billion, at its lowest level since mid-July. After hitting its lowest level in the last year, Bitcoin’s dominance tries to climb above 58%. Ethereum again falls to 11.5% and XRP to 3.3% of market share.