Bitboy Defies Court: Ignores $1B FTX Case Order

• Bitboy, a popular crypto influencer, has been named in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters.
• In the wake of FTX’s collapse, evidence of harassment against plaintiff lawyers led to the April 12 court summons for Bitboy to appear with his attorney on April 20.
• Despite this, in a tweet posted on April 14, Bitboy asserted that he would not appear in court to address the harassment claims and is risking being charged with contempt of court.

Bitboy Named in $1B FTX Lawsuit

Bitboy was named in a $1 billion lawsuit against allegedly sponsored FTX promoters. Plaintiff lawyers have accused Bitboy of harassment following evidence from the collapse of FTX’s exchange and its token FTT.

Court Orders Bitboy Appear

In an April 12 filing following the evidence of harassment towards lawyers involved with the lawsuit, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida ordered Bitboy to appear with his attorney on April 20. However, despite this request by the court, Bitboy has no plans to address these claims and is going against court order.

Crypto Community Reacts

The crypto community has reacted negatively towards Bitboys decision as many see it as ill-advised and risking him being charged with contempt by ignoring the court order. Australian commercial lawyer Bill Morgan expressed that “Ignoring a court order; Good luck with that” while other users commented that “When keeping it real goes wrong“.

Bitboys Tweet on Ignoring Court Order

In response to Adam Moskowitz – a lead attorney for plaintiffs – who requested he attend court next week; Bitboy tweeted that he will not be showing up and stated „I will continue to relentlessly bully people that prey on innocent and weak.“ This statement indicates that he does not take kindly to being made accountable for his actions or feel responsible for any consequences they may bring him.


This article discusses how popular crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (aka „BitBoy“) was named in a $1 billion lawsuit accusing him of undisclosed paid promotion of FTX & FTT tokens. Following evidence of harassment towards plaintiff lawyers involved with this case, US District Court issued an order for him to appear in court but instead he publicly stated his refusal which prompted negative reactions from members within the crypto community who felt this decision was unwise and could result in him facing charges due to his disregard for authority.