Advents Podcast: ConsenSys – Corporate Culture in a Global Organism

ConsenSys is one of the largest and most successful blockchain focused start-ups. How does the cooperation in this „organism“ work? These and other questions are answered by Jose Caballer and Patrick Degenhardt from ConsenSys.

Bitcoin news: For the Christmas season we provide you with something special:

For every Advent Sunday we publish a special episode of the Bitcoin news Podcast by onlinebetrug in English. ConsenSys was founded by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum itself. The Bitcoin news start-up wants to translate the potential of Ethereum into reality. It uses an innovative organizational structure – decentralized, in line with the blockchain itself. The employees, who are spread all over the globe, usually work remotely, so they don’t sit together in the same office. Active communication is therefore particularly important. ConsenSys has an ace up its sleeve for effective team collaboration.

Organizing a decentralized Bitcoin formula

Corporate culture is at the forefront at Bitcoin formula. Here is the review by onlinebetrug. When hierarchy loses importance, the method of decision making and communication must gain in importance. The task of Jose Caballer is to establish this method and to teach it to every single employee of ConsenSys. Jose is the Culture Chef for ConsenSys, but „Chef“ does not mean „boss“, but refers to the kitchen. Jose himself believes that true teamwork is particularly evident in cooking. With a pragmatic attitude and many years of experience, he went to work at ConsenSys. The aim was to bring the members of the individual subgroups into line at ConsenSys. So that everyone could pull together in the same direction.

ConsenSys consists of makers. People who are motivated and passionate about starting projects and want to influence the real world. Furthermore, participation is the be-all and end-all in a group. If a group of people comes together, the first task is to think about and formulate a mission. Accordingly, all participants must be involved in this process so that there are no distortions later on. In this way, ConsenSys gathers talent behind a common cause. The success speaks for itself: Within the last 18 months, ConsenSys has grown from 150 employees to over 1,100 employees.