In Network it is circulating a site, known as Bitcoin Code , which revolves around a trading robot designed by a Steve McKay (who becomes Stefano Savarese for the Italian version). It is a site that offers itself as a money machine churning: at the center of all there is precisely this repeated automated trading software that they say, would allow to invest in the stock market without any risk by buying and selling shares of companies also very notes the likes of Facebook.

To give an air of authority, or whatever credibility, the site offers testimonials Bitcoin Code scam from people who thanks to this system would earn a lot of money. There are for example the testimonials that in a promo video report having earned hundreds of thousands of euro without any effort, but it does certainly not an investigator to understand that everything that, from automated trading robots to the evidence, it's just a 'huge hoax .

The same Steve McKay (oops, Stefano Savarese) so that is proposed within the site, and as we have said, would be the creator of everything, does not inspire much confidence. The image used to represent the character, in fact, is not an image. It is not a true picture, but only an image found in one of the many sites in the network (in particular, it has been downloaded from the portal

Having established then that is all very fake, what happens if a user concerned did then complete the registration process on Bitcoin Code? Quite simply the new subscriber would be taken on a trading platform (or alleged) and invited to this is the english version make their first deposit. First and last deposit , considering that then that money will certainly not an easy life! Not being a licensed broker, in fact, Bitcoin Code can make the money it receives in the form of deposit whatever they please.

- Lucia