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Loss in Forex trading

The question of merit or loss in Forex trading is the most discussed, emotionally the hardest loaded question at all, which is why the following statement is to initially start with facts that completely come from the trader in the world. After that, the editorial staff is dedicated as usual to the delight of the audience some general considerations.

Merit specifications of German and international traders

The German Trader  Simon Betschinger , born in 1980 and qualified economist, puts his performance open, he occupied them with bank statements, which is not at all unusual in the Trader world.

He started a real trading account (after several preliminary experiments with losses and stagnation phases) in April 2006 and began 100,000 euros. Its certified merits were:

  • 2006: +58,377 €
  • 2007: +367,000 €
  • 2008: +140,000 €
  • 2009: +362,000 €
  • 2010: +236,800 €
  • 2011: +70,000 €
  • 2012: +130,000 euros (preliminary results)
cumulative extent to Betschinger, that started higher sums than the initial 100,000 euros, it does not occupy in detail, but it is due to the performance of at least the years 2007 to 2010 suggest. It is by no means obvious to cumulate, even most stock brokers do not cumulate complete.

The American Trader Joe Ross, born about 1938-1940 and still active trader, author and instructor, mentioned in one of his books ( "day trading") expressly states that it leaves no more money on the trading account etoro doesn't seem like a scam right when he needed to trade. The argument against a permanent accumulation, but Ross started at a young age of 23 with borrowed from his relatives 5,000 US dollars and generated in the first six months, 43,000 dollars, which is only possible with cumulation.

The traders of the German Trading Services  not make clear with their platform magnificent money, but with their private trading. Who opened a fee-based customer access, should the accounts of the Chief Harald Weygand, see (a learned doctor), whose performance was in 2009 at around 90%, he had almost all his capital (originally 20,000 euros) destroyed.

The American trader Richard Dennis (born in 1949) was known for his Turtle Trader experiment. He trained young traders in the 1980s with a certain strategy that still is used as Turtle Strategy trailers, and pressed each of the 10 selected participants a starting capital between 500,000 and two million dollars in the hand because he wanted the aspirants trade with real money. They were allowed to do what they want, and it was Dennis' private money. That can only afford someone who earns real money in trading. So much for the facts.

Reflections on statistics

Basically Trading begins just as any economic activity that is always associated with speculation, gains and losses. This can be traced on the smallest and most private life. You are a housewife or house husband and calculate your weekend shopping:

You can go to Aldi or purchase land around the corner. Aldi to take a bit longer, also do not know if there is anything there. You might have to end up yet again to purchase land and have therefore spared nothing at Aldi detour, but lost a few cents on fuel costs in the end. You can also from gas station is plus500 a legitimate website to gas station go to look for the best prices, find the offer with two cents on savings and have this process half a liter of fuel unnecessarily, but this is not bad: You have just speculation.

Independent traders can sing a song about it, they speculate in every handshake, which they do: Should I turn this or that advertising? Should I switch suppliers? What could it bring? So it goes in trading, but highly compressed, and that's the problem, because of which Jesse Livermore shot. It is so simple to reserve a security tightened a stop and cut once just 1,000 euros to the head, it does not hurt, only the money is gone.

The problem goes much deeper than most people think, because it is a question of our perception of statistically detectable probabilities . The mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777 - 1857) invented the bell curve that determines our statistical understanding today. Accordingly, it is very likely (the dome of the bell) and less likely (the edges) events, and so we look at the world today, whether as a housewife, motorists or trader.

But this model is highly imperfect, the world is with our current statistical understanding - beware Marxists! - NOT visible. Why a process takes place, knows in truth no one, there are altogether improbable events like a tsunami Fukushima, together with subsequent stock market crash, an American sub-prime crisis and subsequent halving of global stock market values or Islamist Spinner flying into the World Trade Center - Crash. There are also many bubbles and mini-events that can foresee no man, and indeed every day.

The stock market events are not predictable. The math genius Benoit Mandelbrot has toiled all his life so used fractal geometry and this and that, he came to the same conclusion. You can still make money in the stock market? - You can, for example Betschinger proves.

Capital curves and the accumulation of capital Trading

The traders who make profits on the stock market, a set of rules for different stock market conditions have increased, the
  1. is well founded and that they
  2. adhere strictly.
To comply with these rules include the  strict money management , which requires each trader, never more than to risk one to two percent of its total available capital for a trade. This capital is the one that you have planned for your trading activities and can lose theoretically.

but change the situations, some rules work one year or two years, then for a while and then not again. You need to apply different rules, and here you may use the Gaussian bell curve statistics certainly use: If your old rules have been enough for a positive performance, which in a capital curve including drawdowns (decline) can be read, you can keep them.

IQ Option is considered one of the most respected brokers

Today we want to update us on IQ Option, one of the brokers that are all the rage for the trading of binary options, forex, and also as a new development of criptovalute. We already had so long ago to highlight the value of the broker, which is definitely not a scam. This is primarily shown by the CySEC license, the Cypriot regulator, as well as that of the CONSOB, the Italian equivalent body. Certainly a guarantee of seriousness and reliability. Another plus point: the site is available in 13 languages including Italian. In addition, IQ Option is an official partner of Aston Martin Racing , and the sponsor is beginning to take root even in the environment of Formula 1 .

IQ option fa capo alla società IQ option Ltd con sede all Seychelles. The payment transactions are handled instead by IQ Option Payment Ltd with European headquarters in Cyprus. The broker for trading binary options and forex IQ Option scam was founded in 2013. Its figures published on the site indicate a continuous growth until you get to truly impressive levels. Option IQ rose from 950,000 accounts and 200,000 transactions in 2014 to 14 million accounts and 3 million transactions in 2016, and currently (September 2017), the account would exceed even the 21 million! Frankly it is not possible that the whole thing is a scam. These figures translate into a monthly turnover from $ 10 million in 2014 jumped to 2016 to less than 11 billion dollars!


Ethereum Code and IQ option

IQ Option is considered one of the most respected brokers by traders of binary options and forex worldwide. It is present in 178 countries well (not in Japan and the US). This is due in large part to its innovative platform IQ 4.0 Option available from 2016. Option IQ 4.0 is downloadable to your PC or tablet. The mobile platform also allows you to make mobile trading from smartphones or tablet, iOS or Android to be. Unlike other brokers, it is a platform. The platform makes it more intuitive and easier the action of traders, lending itself to the needs of those who want to  have all the data and information relevant under constantWith a wide range of graphics that offer a complete view of the trends on which to base their strategies. The IQ Option 4.0 platform is an element that allows us to discard the dangerous scam to Option IQ.

Before you start doing real trading it is advisable to test the platform for good: IQ Option gives the option of opening a demo account completely free, with which you will be able to try their own strategies without risk and then decide how to move real.

The IQ Option section dedicated to training is teaching and proves very useful. The 12 lessons encompass the main areas Ethereum Code of online trading with binary options and forex and are suitable for both the beginner and for the experienced trader who just wants to update itself.

We start with the basics, then move to the optimal configuration of Expert review of Ethereum Code with withdrawal the trading windows, with a customization process useful to feel at ease right away. It is then treated the reading charts, with the candlestick, and only then you get an in-depth about the recurring pattern.




Deposits and Withdrawals IQ Option

The minimum deposit to be able to operate on IQ Option is really low and amounts to only 10 EUR / USD, and with only 1 EUR / USD per transaction. The deposit can be made by credit / debit card, bank transfer or electronic purse (Neteller, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Moneybookers). Possible also how Neosurf and Sofort. With these proven and reliable methods it is ensured that they are not in front of a scam.

You will have a wide range of assets to trade, about 70 including stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. You can for example invest in binary options, forex and what news also on criptovalute. And to make matters worse, you can recover up to 45% of the investment in case of bad accuracy. Those who will positively will benefit from returns that can even reach 92%, definitely above the average.

Withdrawals normally take place on a working day and with the same procedures used for the deposit. If the monthly total withdrawals in 2014 were about 500 thousand dollars, in 2016 they amounted to 5'700'000 USD are. Could it be a scam, ahead of similar figures.

Because of the new CySEC directives are no longer expected signing bonus. This may sound negative but it really is not, and instead demonstrates that IQ Option follows the laws in force in the forex industry and binary options. This further confirms that this is not a scam.



Assistenza Clienti IQ option 

useful and very comprehensive section, probably the most complete and detailed offer from binary options broker. This is not video courses or ebook, but a truly integrated blog, full of information about: trading strategies, technical analysis and candlestick. The guides are very well done and easy to navigate, with all the specifications of the topics covered.

Finally essential element and impeccable customer service; this you can contact her through different telephone numbers (including one Italian), favors the trader's residence.

The customer support is available 24/7. IQ Option can be reached on the phone by two Italian phone numbers. It will respond quickly a competent operator in your language and you have questions such as forex and binary options. This shows that IQ Option is not a scam. Possible also contact via e-mail and chatting. For the latter option, the response time has been reduced by 7 minutes 46 seconds of 2014 to 2016. The number of customer service staff has increased from 15 in 2014 to 50 in 2017. The service is thus more rapid and efficient.

Conclusione IQ option

Option IQ is undoubtedly one of the best binary options broker since circulation: reliable and intuitive platform, CySEC and CONSOB regulations, minimum deposit of only 10 USD / EUR, free demo account, formative offer of excellence and customer service in Italian. Also comments on the net are in large part positive, virtually no negative ones. Great site for online trading of binary options and forex. The fraud risk is virtually zero.


The proposed operations from this site can be considered at high risk and their implementation operation can be very risky. In the case of purchase of financial instruments and services offered by the site, you may incur significant losses of investments or even of all the funds in your account.

Bitcoin Code scam: it is better to stay away

In Network it is circulating a site, known as Bitcoin Code , which revolves around a trading robot designed by a Steve McKay (who becomes Stefano Savarese for the Italian version). It is a site that offers itself as a money machine churning: at the center of all there is precisely this repeated automated trading software that they say, would allow to invest in the stock market without any risk by buying and selling shares of companies also very notes the likes of Facebook.

To give an air of authority, or whatever credibility, the site offers testimonials Bitcoin Code scam from people who thanks to this system would earn a lot of money. There are for example the testimonials that in a promo video report having earned hundreds of thousands of euro without any effort, but it does certainly not an investigator to understand that everything that, from automated trading robots to the evidence, it's just a 'huge hoax .

The same Steve McKay (oops, Stefano Savarese) so that is proposed within the site, and as we have said, would be the creator of everything, does not inspire much confidence. The image used to represent the character, in fact, is not an image. It is not a true picture, but only an image found in one of the many sites in the network (in particular, it has been downloaded from the portal

Having established then that is all very fake, what happens if a user concerned did then complete the registration process on Bitcoin Code? Quite simply the new subscriber would be taken on a trading platform (or alleged) and invited to this is the english version make their first deposit. First and last deposit , considering that then that money will certainly not an easy life! Not being a licensed broker, in fact, Bitcoin Code can make the money it receives in the form of deposit whatever they please.